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Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's Your Fetish?

I was emailing with an old friend yesterday and the subject of fetishes came up.  No, not as in foot fetish, but as in Native American Fetishes, specifically from the Zuni Pueblo of New Mexico.  I had to Google my friend's fetish and its meaning, since I was only familiar with my own and some family member's.  I found a really great website with a section on Zuni Fetishes that states:  
Zuni Fetishes are an animal, bird or figure hand carved from stone, shell, antler, wood or other natural materials...The Zuni fetishes are carved to represent the animals which the Zuni people feel are the "mediators" between themselves and a higher power...Zuni Fetishes were first carved as "hunting" fetishes. When taken on a hunting expedition they would ensure a plentiful and successful hunt. Each fetish is believed to have a spirit within. If treated and taken care of properly Zuni Fetishes will help guide you on the right path of life.
Every person should have a fetish such as this.  You can choose your own fetish or have one assigned to you by a loved one.  Mine is a turtle which is a symbol for a long and meaningful life.  I picked it myself because I like turtles, nothing more than that, but I do strive for a meaningful life and try to live as healthy as I can so that I'll live a long time.

Others in my family have chosen or been assigned an eagle, a soaring spirit that transcends personal problems and is a connection to the Divine, a buffalo, a symbol of steadfast endurance to rise above their weaknesses, and a dolphin, who is known for gentleness and playfulness.

So what's your fetish?  On the website I mentioned above, they list animal fetishes and their symbols.  They also sell them on their website if you feel tempted.  
Let me know when you pick yours!!!


Valerie said...

Wow, this is intriguing. I would have to say mine would be either (or both?) the Hummingbird "known for bringing inspiration and luck" because I'm always needing inspiration for my quilt work...and/or the Raven; "this bird's beak is stratched across an afflicted person's skull releasing its healing powers" since I will have surgery soon. Both are birds!

Neat Rox said...

That is interesting. I'm so excited to hear about the surgery even though I know it is surgery and will be hard for you. I guess you can have the hummingbird as your main "soul" fetish but in times of change you can have another to support you. Thanks for sharing!