. . . I've been told that I write novels for email messages. Perhaps this is the way to go. I'll try to make each entry, or Gemstone, a "precious" one. On mediocre days, all I might be able to produce is a "semi-precious" entry. In any case, an entry might be a "neat" Gemstone--something that is uniquely mine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six More Weeks of Winter--Blech!

Well, Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today as he emerged from his burrow on Gobbler's Knob in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, that means six more weeks of winter. I'm tired of winter already and really am getting to where I hate the color white.

According to the Associated Press, German tradition holds that if a hibernating animal sees its shadow on February 2, the Christian holiday of Candlemas, winter will last another six weeks. If no shadow is seen, legend says spring will come early. I know that sounds kind of backwards since you think a sunny day where a groundhog would see his shadow would indicate more sun and more good weather, hence an early spring. My boys want to contact MythBusters to see if they've tested this myth yet.

In any case, I wish ol' Phil had not seen his shadow today. I'm ready for the spring weather to come!

Happy Groundhog Day, Everyone!


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1 Cor 16:14