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Monday, October 27, 2008

WebExhibits Presents Daylight Savings Time Nodes

I found this really cool web site called "WebExhibits" about Daylight Savings when I was looking at a Geology News blog.

Did you know one reason for extending Daylight Savings to the 1st of November was because of Trick-or-Treating children?

Safer trick-or-treaters
Through 2006, Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. ended a few days before Halloween -- October 31. Children's pedestrian deaths are four times higher on Halloween than on any other night of the year. A new law to extend DST to the first Sunday in November took effect in 2007, with the purpose of providing trick-or-treaters more light and therefore more safety from traffic accidents. For decades, candy manufacturers lobbied for a Daylight Saving Time extension to Halloween, as many of the young trick-or-treaters gathering candy are not allowed out after dark, and thus an added hour of light means a big holiday treat for the candy industry. Anecdotally, the 2007 switch may not have had much effect, as it appeared that children simply waited until dark to go trick-or-treating. 
The web site has a lot of really neat tidbits about calendars, poetry, and art that they present in a "Node" format or as text.  They advertise themselves as "An Interactive Museum".  There is a link to older exhibits also.

Here's another interesting fact about DST:  Severity of auto accidentsThere is evidence that the severity of auto accidents increases as people adjust to the time change. 

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