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Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Broncos!

When I lived in northern California, my football team was was the San Francisco 49ers. They still are a team that I root for, but now that I live in New Mexico, my football team is the Denver Broncos. Denver is about 7 hours away from me and only an hour north of my sister's home. Plus, I really enjoyed Denver when my sister and I spent a weekend downtown there this last June.

The Broncos are currently 5-0-0 in the season so I'm hoping that they'll continue their winning streak tonight against the San Diego Chargers. Trouble is, the Chargers have always been one of my favorite teams also (I love visiting San Diego as those of you who've read my blog already know).

So there's the kickoff and the game is on! Go Broncos!


Anonymous said...

Having problems leaving comments. So if this comment ends up there twice, Oh Well. I said that it was a good game. At least I stayed with it until the end, which I don't usually. Your dad was rooting for the Chargers and I the Broncos. Good to see one more win for them. Like the good old days.

Neat Rox said...

It was a really good game. Lots of action and great plays. I usually watch the games with a book in front of me but last night I watched the game mostly. It was fun! Now Broncos are 6-0-0 and still in the lead.