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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Dream

As I said in my previous post, I dream a lot of strange dreams when I'm not feeling well, and especially when I am sleeping in like I did this morning. I only slept in until 10 instead of noon like the other day since I am feeling much better from my cold. But nonetheless, I did have a strange dream--this time with cats and kittens. In my dream, I was searching for a new kitten. I kept coming across different litters of kittens with their mamas. Some were a variety of white and brown colored, some were Siamese, and some were Tabbies. All of them were short-haired cats, probably because of my allergies and general dislike of long-haired cats (too much hair).

So was this a dream about cats? Or was this a searching dream? I went to the Dream Moods website again to see what I could discover.

Under the Dream Themes: Animals sections about cats and kittens, I discovered this that can apply to my kitty dream (but only if you count the Siamese cats as "white"):

To see a cat in your dream, symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. To see a white cat in your dream, denotes that you are going through difficult times. To see a white kitten in your dream, signifies deceit and trouble. To see non-white or soiled kittens, indicates trouble ahead for you.
I like the "independent spirit" and "feminine sexuality" ideas. :-)

And I'd like to note: all the kitties were clean, not soiled, which is good news, but they were all non-white, which would be bad news for me.

The section does go on to talk about cats representing misfortune or bad luck or that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you. It goes on to describe what it means to see vicious or aggressive cats (hence the term "catty") in your dreams, but considering my dream cats were maternal and baby kittens, I didn't see the parallels there.

So what about the "Searching" theme to my dream when I was going from litter to litter searching for the perfect kitten? Here's what Dream Moods says about this and I can really see this in my own life:

To dream that you are searching for something, signifies the need to find something that is missing or needed in your life. You may be searching for love, spiritual enlightenment, peace or even a solution to a problem.


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