. . . I've been told that I write novels for email messages. Perhaps this is the way to go. I'll try to make each entry, or Gemstone, a "precious" one. On mediocre days, all I might be able to produce is a "semi-precious" entry. In any case, an entry might be a "neat" Gemstone--something that is uniquely mine.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Geology Meme

From Reporting on a Revolution Blog:  The Geology Haiku Meme

Suvratk's is:

deep in a bioreef
a Permian story
calcite dripstones tell

Rules: Three lines and a max of seventeen syllables. Use of kigo, which is the traditional reference to a season, may be substituted by a reference to a geological period. The use of kireji, which is a word that serves to give structural support to the verse is not widely practiced in English haiku, so you may give that a pass.

Here's Mine:

Welded tuff
Bands of pink and tan rock
Ash compacted from volcano


1 comment:

Silver Fox said...

Welded tuff - one of my favorite rocks.