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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


One thing you have to learn to live with when you live in the mountains of northern New Mexico is that beginning in May and lasting through the summer, we get afternoon thunderstorms. People in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains to the north of us also have to deal with this (right, sis?). 

Anyway, after almost 10 years, I've learned to do any outdoors-y type of stuff such as walk, jog, hike, or go to the pool fairly early in the morning. The problem I face is that I am not a morning person! In any case, yesterday we did not make it to the pool before the rain came but today we did--only to be tossed out of the pool at around 11:30 this morning (earlier than usual). The thunderstorms usually pass over after a couple of hours and so by evening the skies tend to be fairly clear again.

To pass the time today while listening to the racket outside the window of crashing thunder and heavy rain drops, I started thinking about songs that were written with a "rain" theme. The first one to come to mind was "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," by Burt Bacharach (was he the original composer/singer?). Then there is the song, "Raindrops" from the Bambi movie and "Purple Rain" from Prince. Madonna sang a song called "Rain" a number of years ago. Peter Gabriel sang "Red Rain." Blind Melon sang a song, "No Rain." The hard rock band, Guns 'n Roses sang "November Rain." And there's the classic songs "Fool in the Rain" by Led Zeppelin and "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. And who could forget Bing Crosby with "Singing in the Rain?"

Those are the ones I thought of today (it rained for a couple of hours!) as I was mucking around the house and driving to town for bagels. Can you think of any other songs with the rain theme? 

I need to buy some umbrellas.



Lockwood said...

You missed the most obvious one! (though I don't know the Madonna song; she may have been covering this)

Anonymous said...

Bing Crosby did not do "Singing in the rain". It was Gene Kelly who did the song and the famous dance down city streets in the rain. I will think about it and I bet I can come up with a few more for you. :-)

Neat Rox said...

Lockwood, thanks for the link. I'm familiar with many Beatles songs, but haven't heard this one. Thanks for enlightening me!

Mom, I stand corrected. Of course it was Gene Kelley!

Neat Rox said...

Additionally, my mom (dscriv) wrote the following message on my Facebook account:

"Let a Smile be your Umbrella on a Rainy, Rainy, Day."

Chant ---Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day.

I know there has to be more.

Why am I suddenly singing about the rain. I think that is why it started again. Like a rain dance or something.

Anonymous said...

And then there was.....
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Don't Let the Rain Come Down... Brothers Four
Baby the Rain Must Fall... Glenn Yarboro
Rainy Day Song and I think it is Going to Rain Today... Both by Neil Diamond
Then there are a couple of Dillard's Songs and one by the Temptations but will save them for a rainy day.

Neat Rox said...

Now you're on a roll, Mom! Awesome!