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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Almost Summer but Already Vacationing

I've been practicing hard for those lazy days of summer and by the time June 21st comes around, I'll have it down pat. I've been out to dinner with my friends, up to Denver with my sister, camping by my favorite river, sleeping in whenever possible, and at the pool with my boys. The only blip in my summer relaxation plan has been the occasional drives to Santa Fe to drop oldest son and friend off at computer camp (an hour drive each way), but the carpools will end this week.

As I said above, we went camping last weekend along the Conejos River in southern Colorado. Our campsite was right next to the river and everything was beautiful. The river was extra high and at night, would lull me to sleep. On Saturday, we drove up the road to a little lake to fish. The weather and lake were great, but we never caught any fish. Luckily, we brought stuff to make cheeseburgers that night instead of getting our fish dinner.

I was able to take a hike along the river and loved exploring the trail and listening to the water. The rocks were really great as well, with some volcanic breccias, gneisses, and serpentines along the way. It started to rain on my hike back and continued for another hour. Luckily, it cleared up so that we could have a campfire and s'mores for dessert.

We made breakfast burritos for breakfast on Sunday morning and after packing up, we went back to the lake only to get stumped again. It was Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner instead of grilled trout. :-(

All in all, a great weekend. Next weekend is Father's Day weekend and we'll be going to Albuquerque to hit the Natural History Museum and Explora! Science Center.


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