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Thursday, December 18, 2008


If I liked being out in the cold weather, I think I'd take up snowshoeing. But I'll be saving money because I would rather stay at home and walk on my treadmill than to walk out in the snow and freezing winter. Thursdays is our PE day and today I got to join the class in snowshoeing around the school.  

There are some really innovative ideas that float around the school where I work and when the PE teacher told everyone she was writing a grant so that she could get snowshoes for the kids for PE class, people thought she was a little crazy. But she wrote the grant and has received
enough snowshoes for her classes, various sizes and the top of the line. They come in a variety of colors, but the pink camoflage Yukon Charlie's snowshoe for the girls were really quite cute. They go for about $60 a pair at REI!

I am glad that I had my snow boots today so that I could get out there with my student when she tried it as well (I bring snow boots for that dreaded lunch duty time that I have to walk around the playground out in the, yes, winter weather).  Well, snowshoeing out in the field was pretty fun and I could see how a person could get a good workout from it.  I didn't today, though, because I was going at a very slow pace to keep with my student.

Our PE teacher also has other great ideas for fitness.  She's gotten two Dance Dance Revolution sets for the kids also, which they love.  She has them bowling and even juggling (both of which leave me winded when we do them--all that bending over to set up pins or pick up dropped balls, respectively).  Then of course, there are various ball games that she knows and that the kids enjoy. I wish I'd had a cool PE teacher when I was young!


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